Disaster Relief Opportunities and a Casa Quilt

Even though we are taking a couple months sabbatical, I would love to see what everyone is doing.  Feel free to post any of your ‘modern’ projects to our Flickr group so we can all be inspired.  I’ve posted a couple things I’ve been working on.  It seems like I have worked on a lot of odds and ends lately and I would love to get some projects off the table and start some things fresh!

I had promised photos of the Casa quilt Marty and I worked on at the April meeting.  It still has no binding, but I wanted to post photos anyway.




For this quilt we created 9 patch blocks from 12″ squares.  We then cut off center and played with placement until we came up with something that worked.  When cutting off center, it limits how you move them around.  If you use a lot of different fabrics, you can come up with some interesting combinations.

If you are looking for a few disaster relief opportunities, see the following sites:

Oklahoma Tornado Relief – Moore Love




If you know of a local charity opportunity for the guild, or just want to share what you are working on, please leave us a comment.

I wish you all a great Memorial Day Weekend and extend a heartfelt “Thank You” to all who have served our country.

Happy quilting,




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