June Meeting Recap

Here’s a few photos from our last meeting.


Johnna, Marie, and a first time visitor, Holley Casey.


Another visitor, Sue Kelly, Becky Prysock, who attended our retreat (and is a childhood friend of mine), and Marty.   So glad to have you visiting with us and hope you come again!

A couple members brought their Louisiana Traveling Blocks:



Here Is Marty’s addition to Mary Marcotte’s block for Marie Easterling’s quilt.


Marie is talking about Mary’s block for the traveling bee.

MarieSuperDomeBlockAnd Marie displaying her Super Dome block for someone’s Louisiana theme quilt.  I’m in love with it!  I think I laid some pretty heavy hints.  Let’s see if they took.  :-))  (Just kidding, Marie.  I know I’ll love whatever you create.  You’re on a roll, girl!)



We covered a lot of ground at our meeting including QuiltCon, our Traveling Quilt Bee and the Michael Miller Fabric Challenge due in July.

We decided to focus demonstrations for the coming months on ‘Back to the Basics’.  We’re encouraging everyone to bring their machines so they can practice the techniques.  We’ll begin in July with simple cutting, piecing and matching points using 2.5″ strips and squares.

There is one thing I really need your help on.  We would love to have votes from all members and visitors who plan to spend time with us in the coming months.  Although a few of us are involved with the Traveling Quilt Bee, we discussed the possible need for having a monthly project for the guild.  Some of the ideas are below.  Please vote for the idea you like the best and feel you would enjoy participating.

To explain the choices you are voting on:

The Block of the Month could be from a designated book or from other (free) resources.

The Nela Medallion Quilt would be designed by the members.  One member would design center medallion in the first month, another would create the next border the next month, and so on.  The members would create a sample of their design and demo the design at the meeting.  Each member would use their own fabrics and choose their own color scheme.

The House Sampler would be a case of creating house blocks of your choice and we would swap for a house sampler quilt.

If you have other thoughts about a monthly block, please add your comments to this post.  Please cast your vote!  Thanks so much.




2 thoughts on “June Meeting Recap

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