November Meeting and a Sneek Peek to a New Year’s Challenge

It’s November already!  Thanksgiving!  How can that be??  It will be Christmas before I know it and, I can admit it, I’m not ready!!  And since I need some inspiration, I thought it would be fun to share some of our Christmas ideas at our November meeting.  Speaking of which, our next meeting time and place ….

Saturday November 15th, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Quilt n Stitch, 6049 Cypress St, West Monroe, LA 71291

 I love those folks who are ready for Christmas by the end of October…. or even by Thanksgiving.  They have everything planned and executed.  I just can’t imagine.  So I’m jotting down ideas for quick presents and a few not-so-quick presents.

If you have made or are making Christmas presents, we would love for you to bring for show and tell.  If they aren’t made, but you have patterns or ideas, feel free to share those.  Perhaps by the end of the meeting we will have all our shopping done… if only in our own minds.  ;-D

We sometimes stay after and sew.  That depends on who or how many want to do that.  If it’s something you are interested in, leave a comment on this post.  We can get a conversation going that way.

New Year’s Challenge

On another note, I’m throwing out a challenge for the New Year.  Speaking for myself, my fabric stash is getting out of hand.  I look at all the new fabric and (almost) refuse to buy because I definitely don’t NEED any more fabric.

So the challenge is this:  Make items strictly from your stash.  They can be quilts, wall hangings, sewing machine covers, bags or basically anything you can think to make.  The catch is they can ONLY be made from your stash.  Anything bought after November 1, 2014 (yes, that date has come and gone), cannot be included to be counted in the challenge.  As an example, a quilt would be considered as long as the quilt top, the quilt back and the binding are all from your stash.  If any one of the three are fabric bought after November 1st, the quilt doesn’t count.  Same with bags etc.  Everything has to be fabric you own before November 1st.  Notice, battings, interfacings, etc, can be purchased as needed.

My thought is this challenge would run through March (so technically, it’s a 1st quarter challenge!), and we would be able to start submitting items in December (for those of you using stash for Christmas presents).

We will discuss this more at our November meeting.  If everyone is game for this challenge, I thought we could each put one or two items into a goody bag for the winner(s).   Winners to be announced in March (or possibly April).

More info to come following the November meeting!


6 thoughts on “November Meeting and a Sneek Peek to a New Year’s Challenge

  1. I’m really hoping to make this meeting! My current plan is to use up a good bit of my stash to make my Christmas presents. Hopefully I’ll be able to bring one or two to the meeting!


  2. I do feel bad for other cosplayers who try to compete with these cosplayers-cum-models that are the subject of all this ire. Most cosplayers are simply hobbyists that are making their own stuff from scratch.Once a &##e10;cel2brity&88222; cosplayer gets her name recognized, professionals start making costumes for her. That’s really hard for the home-done DIY amateurs to compete with. So yeah, I have sympathy for those folks.But no sympathy for the “He-Man Woman Haters Club” who want to hound the ladies out of fandom because they’re not “real” geeks.


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