Modern Quilts, Traditional Shows

“Modern Quilts, Traditional Shows: My In With Scott Murkin”

You really should visit Mandalei and read her interview with Scott Murkin, a certified Quilt Show Judge for AQS.  The interview gives an overview of judging quilt shows and how modern and traditional quilts interact.  Very interesting read!  I really enjoyed his insights.

Interview, Part 1

Interview, Part 2


FMQ Workshop – Followup

In our previous post, we introduced the Free Motion Quilting Workshop and provided registration information. Quilters will have the option of bringing their own supplies or paying $10 for two quilt sandwiches (one cotton batting and one polyester batting), spools of Aurifil, So Fine, and Isocord.

OrphanBlockSamplerIt is highly likely you will fill these quilt sandwiches during quilt time. You might consider bringing extra sandwiches to have as backup. A good idea would be to use orphan blocks or simple pieced blocks so that you can see the difference between quilting on whole cloth and on pieced designs. I was surprised how difficult deciding quilting designs on pieced blocks is for me.  Working with pieced sandwiches can be very good practice.  To the left is a sample I’ve created with unused blocks, simple 2″ square blocks and blocks of solid. This one is approximately 36″ x 36″ and gives plenty of room to play. With the different shapes, I can also play with different quilting designs.

Since these are orphan blocks, I won’t be devastated if doesn’t turn out awesome, but I could be surprised and end with something I’m really proud of. At worst, it’ll make a great dog blanket! 😀

Be sure to check the supply list in the original post.  If you have any questions, let me know.  I’m looking forward to spending time with you next Saturday.  What a way to spend Valentines, huh?!