April Meeting & Free Motion Quilting

We will be having a Sit n Sew for our April meeting and the focus is on Free Motion Quilting (FMQ).  Of course, if you’re not interested in FMQ, you can actually sew on whatever you want.  Any time we get to quilt with friends is a good time!

When & Where:

Saturday, April 23rd / 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
First United Methodist Church, West Monroe, LA
1411 Glenwood Dr, West Monroe, LA 71291
Please call Ramona at (318)366-6792, with any questions.
(We will bring sandwich fixings for lunch.  If you would like to bring something, please let Ramona know.)

GrafittiQuiltingQuite a few of us in the guild play with free motion quilting and have quilted for ourselves.  A few of us have also talked about trying “graffiti quilting”.  I’ve always assumed Karlee Porter created this type of quilting, but if she didn’t, she has really made it popular.  She even has a “Graffiti Quilting Crash Course” tutorial on her blog.   Her book to the left is available on her website (click the photo to be taken to her site) as well as on Amazon.

So whether you want to try basic free motion quilting (think Angela Walters, Christa Watson, etc.) or graffiti quilting, the materials needed will be the same.

So what will we cover?

While this isn’t a workshop, we will still give a very brief talk about the basics of free motion quilting.  I will talk about things like…

  • Tools and Resources
  • Drawing Designs
  • Setting up Sewing Machine
  • Setting up Workspace

Other members who have been FMQ will be offered the chance to talk about what works best for them and their favorite tools and materials.

What to bring:

  • 18” x 22” quilt sandwiches.  If you are practicing, you might consider using fabric and thread that contrast so your quilting will show.  This works great when you are just trying to perfect skills.  Also, use solid fabrics.  Quilting doesn’t show as well on patterned fabric.  (A quilt sandwich consists of two pieces of fabric with batting between.  Batting might be cotton, polyester, wool or a blend.)
  • Thread..consider bringing different types/brands if you have them.  Some favorites are So Fine and Aurifil.  Isocord or an embroidery thread also works.
  • Notebook or drawing paper, pens or pencils for practicing quilting designs. 8.5 x 11 is a good size.
  • Fabric pens, chalks or whatever you prefer to mark designs on your fabric.
  • Sewing machine
  • Extension table for your machine if you have one.  Quilting on a flat surface makes a world of difference.
  • Darning foot or quilting foot
  • Needles (Quilting, Universal, Microtex, or Jean, size 80 or 90)   Be sure to have new, sharp needles available.
  • Bobbins filled with thread.  (Again, use a color that contrasts with your fabric.)
  • Snips / Thread Scissors
  • Supreme Slider (Optional)*
  • Machinger Gloves or similar (Optional)*

*The Supreme Slider is wonderful for allowing the quilt to move smoothly as you quilt. I don’t quilt without one. If you are buying, buy as large as appropriate for your machine. If you can cover crevices caused by table joints, that is a good thing.  (Link to the right shows the Queen Size at $46.  Good price.)

*Machinger Gloves are a specific glove brand, but there are many others. I recently heard someone mention buying cheap gardening gloves instead. Rubber tips on fingers, think surgical gloves, are an option. I find Machinger gloves to be very comfortable to work with and do not cause my hands to get warm.  (Amazon has good prices on these as well.)

Be sure to check with your local quilt stores for any supplies you may need.



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