House Quilt Project

After our recent poll, It appears the majority are most interested in the House Quilt Project.   After some discussion behind the scenes, it has been decided the basic format will be to present a house block at our meeting.  Anyone wanting to sew along may make their block(s) as they choose.  We will be creating our own quilt tops for this project, so any changes you want to make is entirely up to you.

Since you’re sewing for yourself, there is no time table or pressure to complete blocks by a deadline.  Be sure to bring your blocks to the meetings for show and tell so we may see how they are coming along.   Great inspiration is found in the work of others.

In getting ideas, I found quite a few resources.  Many of these are free.

Pinterest board .. Inspiration:  While this board is mainly for inspiration, there are some free patterns included in this board as well.

An awesome free resource:  I downloaded this Home Sweet Home for free.  You have to have a Windows operating system.  The patterns print as template or as a foundation if you want to paper piece.

Houses with contemporary architectural feel by Johanna Masko, $12.00.

Links to free house patterns:

…. a few of my personal favorites are below.  Click on the image to be taken to the pattern site.

I even found Yako Saito’s, Mystery (House) Quilt blocks at the QuiltMania site.  Be careful, there are only four of the blocks available.  One block is for sale three times in different languages.  I missed that and bought all six thinking I was getting all six blocks.  Two blocks do not seem to be available for some reason.

Click on the photo below for another link.  This may be in French only, I can’t tell.  Not sure how critical that is.  These have the pattern laid out in a diagram that is pretty self explanatory.  18 Euros which currently exchange to $25.

I will try to move these resources to a dedicated page on this blog for future reference.

If you would like to present construction of a house block, let me know and I will put you on the calendar.

Have fun!