Fall Retreat Anyone?

I’ve been asked twice in the last week if we were having a fall retreat.  If the group is interested in having another retreat, I will be glad to put it together.  Please leave me a comment below saying you are or are not interested.  If you are interested, let me know if some dates are better or worse for you.

I did some checking and this is what’s available for lodges at our state parks.  Below are Friday dates listed which means that weekend is currently available.

8/15, 8/22, 9/12 – Poverty Point

10/3 – Jimmy Davis State Park, and Lake D’Arbonne

Multiple weekends in October – Poverty Point

Price depends on number attending.  At our retreat earlier this past March, I believe we each spent $90 for lodging and we all provided part of a meal (which was planned and agreed on before time.)  We had a wonderful time sewing and visiting.  For those of you who missed it, we are a pretty low key group and work on our own projects.  It was loads of fun being able to sew as late as we want and visit with each other.


Our previous retreat was held at Jimmie Davis State Park, but I hear that most of the parks are nice.

So, sound off and let me hear from you.  You know I always want your opinion.  😉


UPDATE:  Based on the responses that are coming in, I have booked a lodge at Poverty Point for October 10th and 11th (Friday and Saturday).  I will post more information soon.  If you would like me to hold a spot for you, please plan to pay a $40 deposit at our next meeting.  That deposit will go towards your final cost.  Space is limited.  If we run over the minimum we may have the option of adding a normal cabin.  That will be dependent on availability.

I’m so excited to be planning this.  The last retreat was so fun and relaxing, I just can’t wait.