More on the SewTogether Bag and August Meeting


Patern: SewTogether Bag by Sew Demented Constructed by: Ramona Putnam

If you’re joining us for our August 15th meeting and sewing with us , I wanted to share some of my prep stages with you.  You can see original post here.  I’ll write at least one more post this week regarding cutting fabrics and notions.

If you are piecing and/or quilting the exterior of the bag, you will definitely want to get an early start on your preparations.  I have taken my scrap box and pieced a couple together as shown here.  Just to clarify, these are exteriors for two separate bags.  You will only need one exterior for Saturday.

SewtogetherBag.Exterior1.1I made sure my scrappy ‘fabric’ was at least 10.5 x 14 to allow for ‘shrinkage’ caused during quilting.   For these I am using Quilter’s Dream Deluxe Cotton, which is an high loft, almost stiff, cotton.

My intention is to create an exterior with more shape and structure than my original make of this pattern (shown above.)


Here are the exteriors cut down to size according to pattern.

The pattern calls for lightweight interfacing for the lining.  I’m going to step that up a little and use mid-weight interfacing.  As I said in my previous post, in the past I’ve used shape flex which is also a good, but slightly more expensive, option.  It feels and acts more like fabric.

So that’s it today.  Hopefully you have decided on your fabrics, made sure you have the pattern and notions, and are ready to cut fabric.  If we come to the meeting with everything ready to sew, I believe we will be able to get this bag constructed before we leave.   If you have any questions, please let me know.

I’m looking forward to sewing with you!  See you Saturday.



Charity Quilt for August

NELA MQG met this past Saturday and had a good time getting back together after our brief hiatus.  We took loads of photos that we will be sharing in the near future.  Kristi and Sherry were back with us.  Kristi looked awesome following her treatment.  Keep her in your prayers for continued good news.  My niece, Johnna, also attended as a guest.  We had a lot of show and tell and did a lot of talking.  I think everyone had a great time.

During our meeting we talked about a couple things.  One was the idea of doing swaps or a traveling quilt bee that would allow members and other Louisiana quilters a chance to connect online and by mail.  A few of us were interested in the traveling quilt bee and I will be making inquiries regarding interest from other guilds and quilters.  We will focus on Louisiana quilters, but of course all quilters are welcome.

DrunkardCurveOne project everyone was in agreement on was our next charity quilt.  It was decided we would be using what I’m calling the Giant Drunken Curve.  I think it needs a new name, so if anyone has a suggestion, I’m open.  It almost appears like a compass to me, so that’s a thought.

Instructions for cutting and sewing the individual blocks can be found in this Giant Drunkard Curve file.  Because these are cut and sewn without a seam allowance, they are rarely square after sewing together.  For that reason we decided to sew the individual blocks together and to bring to our next meeting as is.  We will cut all blocks at the meeting and assemble into quilt tops.

Fabrics should be white (as shown in photo above), bright solids, and one print.

Using the .pdf instructions, you will create five (5) drunken curve blocks instead of the four (4) needed to complete the panel shown above.

If for some reason you will not be attending the August meeting and would like to participate, you may mail blocks to me and I will take to the meeting for you.

So, two questions:

  1. Would you like to participate in the Drunken Curve charity quilt?
  2. Are you interested in participating in the Traveling Quilt Bee?

That’s it for now.  More on the meeting will be posted this week.

Have a great week,


As we begin 2013…

The NELA Modern Quilt Guild have a conundrum.  While we don’t want to over extend ourselves with too many projects in the midst of family and work and life, we still want to do a little of everything.

We did narrow block of the month programs to at least two programs, but now we’ve found a third!

In the running are:

Skill Builder Sampler from

Sampler from BlockBase Software

Sampler from BlockBase Software

Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild BOM

I feel sure we will be doing the Skill Builder with Alyssa at PileOFabric, and the Block of the Month with Bay Area Modern.  For those still interested, the sampler using BlockBase will be just a little something extra, or as we in Louisiana, lagniappe.