More on the SewTogether Bag and August Meeting


Patern: SewTogether Bag by Sew Demented Constructed by: Ramona Putnam

If you’re joining us for our August 15th meeting and sewing with us , I wanted to share some of my prep stages with you.  You can see original post here.  I’ll write at least one more post this week regarding cutting fabrics and notions.

If you are piecing and/or quilting the exterior of the bag, you will definitely want to get an early start on your preparations.  I have taken my scrap box and pieced a couple together as shown here.  Just to clarify, these are exteriors for two separate bags.  You will only need one exterior for Saturday.

SewtogetherBag.Exterior1.1I made sure my scrappy ‘fabric’ was at least 10.5 x 14 to allow for ‘shrinkage’ caused during quilting.   For these I am using Quilter’s Dream Deluxe Cotton, which is an high loft, almost stiff, cotton.

My intention is to create an exterior with more shape and structure than my original make of this pattern (shown above.)


Here are the exteriors cut down to size according to pattern.

The pattern calls for lightweight interfacing for the lining.  I’m going to step that up a little and use mid-weight interfacing.  As I said in my previous post, in the past I’ve used shape flex which is also a good, but slightly more expensive, option.  It feels and acts more like fabric.

So that’s it today.  Hopefully you have decided on your fabrics, made sure you have the pattern and notions, and are ready to cut fabric.  If we come to the meeting with everything ready to sew, I believe we will be able to get this bag constructed before we leave.   If you have any questions, please let me know.

I’m looking forward to sewing with you!  See you Saturday.